Company Highlight: Glyph Production Technologies

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Glyph Production Technologies

Glyph Production Technologies

Twenty years may not seem like a long time, but for a digital data storage company it’s a significant achievement. When technologies come and go almost as fast as the businesses that provide them, two decades is something to be proud of.

Glyph has built a reputation by looking to the future. Their uncompromising focus on simple elegance and rock-solid reliability for the most demanding workflows has won the hard-earned respect of professional content creators around the world. And they keep that respect with service and support, as well as the best warranty in the business.

Whether you’re laying down tracks, editing video or backing up precious photos… On the road with a mobile drive or in the studio with a lightning fast RAID… You can trust Glyph when it matters most.

Glyph has trusted CTI as a Seagate distributer for many years. Just as they are sure to have the best quality and support for their customers, we at CTI are here on the back end giving them the best in service.