Security Surveillance Partners

Western Digital is a worldwide leader in the hard drive industry. With WD Purple surveillance storage, you have a drive engineered for high temperature, always-on surveillance systems enabling quality video playback. These drives feature AllFrame™ AI technology which helps reduce frame loss, improves overall video playback, and allows the recording of multiple streams per camera

CTI is an authorized Western Digital Partner, and CTI experts can help you customize your own storage solution

Arecont Logo

Arecont Vision is a leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras. The products are made in the USA and feature patented low-cost massively parallel image processing architectures MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® that represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. Arecont Vision’s cameras feature a proprietary implementation of a fully compliant H.264 codec, which provides full resolution megapixel video at full frame rates for the entire range of Arecont cameras from 1.3 to 8 megapixels.

Axis Logo

Axis’ network video products enable the cost-effective remote monitoring of people, places, and property, as well as the delivery of live images and audio for physical security, industrial, and other applications. By utilizing Axis’ industry-leading network cameras and video servers, authorized users in different locations are able to simultaneously access images from the same camera, improving efficiency and overall security. Axis’ products deliver high audio and image quality, as well as ease in functionality.

CTI is an Axis Gold Solution Partner.

Bosch Logo

The premier leader in security solutions, Bosch Security Systems combines the experience and expertise of three industry powerhouses – Detection Systems, Radionics, and Philips CSI – with a 100-year history of Bosch’s quality and innovation.

Our expansive product portfolio offers a wide range of internationally approved intrusion and access systems, motion detectors and fire alarms, as well as analog and digital video systems, including CCTV systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors, video switchers and control systems, and digital recording systems. Powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems allow us to offer superior products that meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Canon Logo

Canon’s network digital video cameras and servers are the heart of Canon’s line of Network Video Solutions, allowing the transmission of high-quality video images through the Internet or a LAN connection for remote monitoring.

CTI is an authorized Canon reseller.

Mobotix Logo

MOBOTIX is the global market leader for digital megapixel cameras as appraised by the recent study “The World Market for CCTV & Video Surveillance Equipment – 2009 Edition” released by the market research provider IMS Research. Headquartered in Langmeil, Germany, the company was founded in 1999 to market solutions worldwide. MOBOTIX uses distributors and qualified sales partners in more than 70 countries. MOBOTIX AG currently employs around 200 people.

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic manufactures a wide range of industry-leading video surveillance and security products, including the company’s new and expanded i-Pro Series of intelligent and professional IP/networking solutions, as well as its expansive range of IP remote monitoring solutions for residential and small office/home office use. Panasonic also offers high-quality cameras and lenses, biometric access control, digital video recorders, management software, lenses and housings, and network interfaces needed to deliver a total physical security solution.

Sony Logo

The Sony security systems division provides the latest in surveillance and monitoring solutions, which include CCTV and IP network cameras, digital and network video recorders, and monitors. Its products are designed for a wide range of security applications, such as corporate and federal buildings, airports, schools, city-wide policing, bridges, tunnels, banking, and retail establishments.

CTI is an authorized Gold Partner.

Seagate Logo

Founded in 1979, Seagate is the leading provider of surveillance storage devices. In 2008, it became the first hard drive manufacturer to ship 1 billion hard drives with the industry’s broadest product offering. Seagate surveillance products include Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD, Video 2.5 HDD and Video 3.5 HDD; drives that are optimized to improve surveillance system reliability and drive lifespan.

CTI offers services complementary to the Seagate product line:

  • Test and burn-in drives to your specifications
  • Upgrade, backlash and/or configure the BIOS to your requirements
  • Build large RAIDs and NAS systems to your specifications
  • Copy master image to 10, 100, 1000 or more drives

CTI is proud to be a Seagate Surveillance storage products distributor. CTI’s expert staff can help you find the right Seagate product. We also offer design and implementation services, as well as the ability to schedule deliveries to meet your timetable.