Rugged Mobile Computers

Our rugged mobile computer solutions are designed to withstand rigorous use in extreme environments and working conditions so you can access the information you need when it matters most.

Additionally, with a full complement of accessories, devices are easily customized to meet your specific needs.


CTI understands that ruggedness is only a part of the mobile solution and performance is a key factor in any successful deployment. That’s why we offer a full range of rugged mobile handhelds that are configured to meet both your rugged and technology needs. Working with Panasonic partners, CTI offers mobile computers in various models to fully meet the needs of the mobile workforce.


Designed primarily for the military, our rugged wearable computer solutions deliver high-performance computing, allowing military commanders and personnel to focus on their mission anywhere in the field.

Digital Army Computer System

The Digital Army Computer System (DACS) is a rugged wearable computer system designed to be worn by soldiers or vehicle-mounted to provide real-time situational awareness and communications. It is comprised of a computer (based on Black Diamond’s SwitchBack technology), a handheld display and a docking station.

Designed specifically for the Israel Defense Forces’ Digital Army Program, CTI reconfigured the system and integrated application-specific components to provide mission-specific deployment across the ranks, from frontline war-fighters to command and communications personnel.

The DACS has been deployed by the Israel Defense Forces and has been awarded “Program of the Year” based on technical merit, completeness of program and overall program performance.

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Vehicle Mounted

Built to withstand industrial environments and even the most extreme environments, our vehicle-mounted computer solutions stay operational no matter in what vehicle type it’s mounted.

Rugged Vehicle Dock for Panasonic Toughbook CF-20, CF-33 Computers and for FZ-M1 and FZ-G1 Tablet

CTI’s Rugged Vehicle Dock (RVD) for Panasonic Toughbook, CF-20, CF-33, FZ-G1& FZ-M1 is designed to meet the appropriate military standards for handling shock, vibration, and humidity as well as EMI and RFI suppression, ensuring your Toughbook is always functioning.

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