CTI’s ever growing in-house research, design, manufacturing and quality facilities work with a wide range of technologies – from electronics (communications, computers, video) to mechanical (ruggedized equipment mounting, vehicle air cleaners and braking systems, passenger protective vehicle seats).
With CTI’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we can deal with virtually any state your existing design is in:

Finished and produced product

We can review and streamline the manufacturing process, providing updates where requested or needed

Built to Perfection

We can review the design with your engineering team and your customer’s requirements and offer a manufacturable end product design

CTI is able to source components from a worldwide supply chain or determine what would be a viable replacement (designed or purchased) to put your product into production.

We have delivered a wide variety of products (among them aircraft power supplies, field deployable networking nodes, ruggedized storage systems, and Military vehicle components and subsystems) that fell into the above categories – we’re confident that we can have a solution for your requirements and manufacture the products you expect.

Our project management capabilities cover conception to delivery – and we can provide long-term support (depot and field) for products once deployed.